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14 May 2010 @ 12:19 am
Sunrises are better than sunsets by far. I like early mornings and the peacefulness that comes with it. I like the colour of the sky and how fresh it looks. I like how everything looks like it is waking up at the break of dawn, the roads, the side walks, the trees. I like waking up at six am without an alarm and feeling good because I've had enough sleep. I like being able to go back to sleep after waking up at six am and that feeling of having no obligations early in the morning. I like cuddling up in my blanket.  I am better at Math than Art. Who decided that Art consists of people with a more open mind, with more open interpretations, with more creativity? Who decided that Math follows linear thoughts and unimaginative people? Stigmatising subjects if one of my pet peeves, I think education should be broad and education should be about the the acquisition of plenty of new things. I love books and I love the whole idea of someone sitting down and pouring out this story that a bunch of people read and enjoy - on the train, in the library, before going to sleep. I like libraries. I like music. I like how the lyrics are direct and easy to relate to with some music, and I like the uncertainty and cryptic nature of other music. I like how some band dudes have cute messy hair. I like how lots of band dudes are cute in general. I think it's funny how I'd probably never go to shows consisting of these cute band dudes because there would be a bunch of annoying teenagers there who bug me with their very open and direct love (obsession) for the band in question. I'm kind of pretentious, especially with music. It's not something I mind about me. I have long hair and it forms curls at the bottom. I like it. I always pin up one side of my hair because I don't like it on my face when I'm working. I have been revising for Biology and awful lot and I hope that I do well on it. I like Biology and I like sciences. I like the explanations they provide for a lot of things and it bugs me when people reject science without getting to know it. I would like to know more of science but I have never really made the extra effort to acquaint myself with it. I mostly want to learn more about the universe and space, but I don't really know where to start. This fascination, I believe, began with me watching science fiction movies. My shoulders start hurting very easily. I like running in the morning. I like bikes and I don't think I could ever capture the feeling of being on a bike into words. I am a lover and I care an awful, awful lot. I don't exhibit this attribute much, or at all, but I know that it exists. I keep to myself a lot. I often wonder if I am not giving back the love I receive from the people around me, and I hope that's not the case. I'm a number of perks which intertwines with a fair share of flaws. I'm imperfection with a dying need for perfection.